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lyftgeswenced/driven by the wind
I sigh and thy nama escapes
floating, on a sheet of winde,
through the nacod healla of my barren
Wanderer I am, lost and athirst
Thy heart's a holy grail, 'tis my quest
to wet my broken lippan at thy golden brim
How long did I dwell in this ... unland?
Bereft of thy voice, a whisper
hidden among rustling sands
no solace but for a morgane
Afeart I am to touch it
for sure, it would wane
My heorte's clouded with doubt
Blind, I stumble
But LO! on the dúnes heighth!
a sceap in the red sunna shines!
I climb the slope and see ...
a CWÉN standing fram and free!
She beckons me with eyes so céne
Cannot resist, nor make unsiéne
the beguiling smearces she throws at me
Oh, begone YE! Thóhts unclæne...
Unworthy  me, yet SHE draws near
lays her handa on me, dispells my fér
Græs and wéods sprout round my feet
and fresh air I, yet again, breathe
At an ortgeard we stand, iung... and gréne
A breeze of air
parts her silken black hær
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TES TALES - The Poor Pilgrim
TES TALES - The Poor Pilgrim
Fonus Rathryon was standing by the west road of Maar Gan, fiddling with his fingers, for he was nervous. In order to become a monk he had to reach the shrine of the Puddy Man at the Koal Cave near Gnisis and only two days were left to reach his goal. There would have been plenty of time, because according to his map he just had to head west for the West Coast, was it not for the mountain range standing in his way... and he did not know how to get around it. Also, the lands beyond Maar Gan were rumoured to be dangerous dwellings. "If only a traveller of some sort were to come by." he pondered. It was noon already.
Then, as if the gods had answered his prayer, he heard a whistling tune from behind the bend in the road, growing stronger as the one who made it approached. A tall female High Elf appeared, dressed in a fashion that seemed somewhat extravagant to the likes of Fonus. But in her eyes he saw the sparkles of powerful magicka and she had the steady tre
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lost in the woods by GazzaA
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7 Tips for Reading Like a Writer
7 Tips for Reading Like a Writer
So I've repeated a few times that one of the most important steps to being a writer, is to be a reader. And so, before I continue with my step-by-step process so that anyone can write a publishable novel, I want to give you some tips to make you an active reader. And yes, I'm also stalling with my articles a couple days until I get back to my giant, wonderful computer and stable internet—so sue me ;) haha. But seriously, some important info here.
Tip 1: Get some pencils, colored pens, and some paperbacks that you don't mind marking.
I cannot emphasize enough the importance of pencils and colored pens to being an active writer. First, humans are tactile learners. We learn by touching a
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